Useful forms

Updated 1 January 2020

CREST transfer form

A CREST transfer form is used to deposit certificated stock into a nominee account. Please download and print out the form and make sure that you fill in the following details:

  • "Name of undertaking" - The company name (i.e. Barclays or Vodafone)
  • "Description of security" - Security description (i.e. ORD GBP1 or ORD USD0.10)
  • "Words" - Number of shares in words.
  • "Figures" - Number of shares in figures.
  • "In the name(s) of" - Please enter your full name and address, exactly as it appears on your certificate.
  • "Please sign here" - All of the registered holders of the certificate need to sign the form.

You can leave the rest of the form blank as we will complete any additional details. Remember to return a valid share certificate with the transfer form if we do not already have it. If you are still unsure how to complete the transfer form, please look at the CREST transfer form sample.

Account transfer form

If you already have a share dealing account with another broker and would like to transfer this to us, please download the form and return it to us. If you do not yet have an X-O share dealing account, you will need to complete an application form as well. Please use a separate form for each broker you are transferring from.

US Stocks - Important Documentation
W-8BEN form

If you wish to invest in US shares, you will need to complete a W-8BEN form before you can trade. This form ensures that you are afforded the appropriate tax relief on any income that is paid to you. Please refer below for additional links:

Canadian Stocks - Important Documentation
CRA form

If you wish to trade in Canadian shares, you will need to complete a CRA form before you can trade. This form ensures that you are afforded the appropriate tax relief on any income that is paid to you.

Gifting ISA funds

Please complete and return this letter if you wish to transfer funds from your sharedealing account to your spouse's, in order to fund their ISA.

ISA application form

The quickest and easiest way to open an ISA is to apply online. However, if you would like to make a postal application, please download an ISA application form and return it, once fully completed, to:, Jarvis Investment Management, 78 Mount Ephraim, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN4 8BS

Bed and ISA form

Under HMRC rules it is not possible to transfer shares you already hold directly into an ISA. They must be moved using a process known as BED & ISA where the shares are sold, the money moved to the ISA and the shares instantly bought back.

Child trust transfer form

If you want to transfer a CTF to a Junior ISA, you will need to open a Junior ISA account, which you can do online, and then complete a CTF Transfer form and return this to us.

Authority to deal form

Please complete and return this form to authorise an individual to deal on your behalf. Please note - third party authorisation does not extend beyond placing trades on behalf of the account holder(s) and all account administration requests can only be accepted from the named account holder(s).

Joint account form

You can open an X-O joint account but this facility is not currently available online. To open a joint account you will need to download an application form. Please complete this form, ensure both of you sign it at the bottom, and post it to us.

Complex Instruments Appropriateness Test

If you would like to invest in a complex Instrument, you will need to complete and return a Complex Instrument Appropriateness Test.

Account information request form

You may have been asked to confirm or provide additional personal details relating to your share dealing account. Unfortunately without this additional information you will not be able to continue trading after this date.

Terms and conditions

Please ensure you read and understand the terms and conditions of the service before opening an account.